Yellow Bull, like Black Dog, left his name to a nineteenth-century landmark in Kay County. Yellow Bull, a chief of the Nez Perce who briefly occupied a reservation in the Cherokee Outlet, built a log house at the bend of the Salt Fork west of Tonkawa. His house marked a ford on the Salt Fork and a popular watering place for travelers. Near the crossing were the Yellow Bull Springs that provided better water than could be had from the salty river. According to L.F. Carroll, who knew the Outlet before the Run of 1893, the Arkansas City-Reno Road crossed the Salt Fork here at Yellow Bull Ford. Further north it crossed the Chikaskia on the east edge of Blackwell at Black Dog Ford.

From NCOHA files the manuscript of L.F. Carroll
June 1, 1938
Newkirk, Oklahoma
Found on Page H54 of NCHOA's award winning book.