Smackover was a shanty town which was begun in February 1923, just south of the Salt Fork River when a Tonkawa man leased 1,000 feet of farmland on either side of the "Three Sands Road" (now U.S. 77 leading south out of Tonkawa.) The area of board huts and tents grew so rapidly that an additional street was laid out west of the road. Although it was said to be named for Smackover, Arkansas, a contemporary oil boom field, local townspeople alleged that anyone going to the settlement would be "smacked over," a reference to the lawlessness and crime prevalent in the area. A particularly lurid event was the murder of two schoolteachers there. In a separate incident a third was robbed but escaped unharmed. In June 1923, the "greatest flood in the history of north central Oklahoma" inundated the settlement. It washed away several houses and stores, and covered the main street with 10 feet of water. Most of the inhabitants moved away permanently, and no trace of the settlement remains today.

Tonkawa Historical Society
Tonkawa, Oklahoma
Found on page 132 of NCOHA's award winning book.