Old Hotel in Kaw City Proves
They Did Build'em to Endure

"The fortress-like three-story brick Clubb Hotel building still stood Monday-despite 50 sticks of dynamite exploded in an effort to raze it. The hotel was built in the early 1920's by oil man Ike Clubb. Earl Penn bought the building for salvage since Kaw City is being evacuated to make way for the $116 million Kaw Lake under construction. All that Penn's blast accomplished was to blow out a few windows-some in the hotel, some in the old building across the street and one in the Methodist Church parsonage more than a block away.There is no wood in the construction of the building and the bricks, which were the finest unlimited funds could buy at the time. They were put in place with concrete instead of mortar. Penn, who admits he is frustrated, said he is unsure what his next move will be. One old-timer watching the proceedings observed, "They'll have to blow up the whole town before they get that building down."

Taken from news clipping dated
September 28,1971
Kaw City Museum
Kaw City, Oklahoma