Grace Snider Danforth made the Run of 1893 with her father. On their claim, the family lived in a rock-walled dugout. A dugout had the advantage of being cheap to build and weather-proof, but it was prone to unwanted visitors. Soon after the dugout was finished, Grace saw a snake crawling in between the rocks in the wall of the dugout. Knowing she would never be able to sleep a wink with the snake in the walls, she took her courage in her hands and grabbed hold of the snake's tail, just as it was disappearing between the rocks. The harder she pulled, the harder the snake clung to the rocks. Afraid she was going to let it escape after all, Grace started screaming for her men folks. Luckily a cousin, plowing nearby, heard her screams and came running. He took over for her, unwrapping the snake from around her wrist. Grace then scampered up the steps with her skirts in her hands. Finally, the snake lost the tug-of-war and went sailing over Grace's head. She ran like a deer for the open but found out later that the snake was already dead when it went flying by.