No one was ever turned away hungry from a cowboy camp. There was always plenty of food and a welcome for any traveler. Burton G. Woodruff Sr. demonstrated this custom with the following story: "At noon one day while the cowboys of the Pryor Ranch were just finishing their meal, five heavily armed strangers rode into their camp. One of the older cowboys recognized the strangers, having worked with two of them, and introduced them to the other Pryor cowboys. The five ate a hearty meal, stayed to visit a while, and then rode on their way. These hungry men were Bill Dalton, Bill Doolin, George (Bitter Creek) Newcomb, Dynamite Dick Broadie, and Slaughter Kid. Two weeks earlier they had planned to steal the federal payment of $85,000 due the Ponca and Otoe-Missouri tribes. The money was supposed to come in by train and be delivered to White Eagle. The authorities had gotten wind of the planned robbery and had delayed the delivery. The gang had been hiding out in the brush for two weeks waiting for shipment to be made. They had exhausted their food supplies and had come to the cowboy camp looking for a meal."

Ponca City News,
Ponca City, Oklahoma
October 11, 1981
Found on page 51 of NCOHA's award winning book.