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Limited Edition history covering many of the towns and early day communities of this area, as well as the families, businesses, churches and civic organizations which were established in the area of the Cherokee Strip Land Run of 1893 and the years following. The 9" X 12" hard bound, indexed book, with approximately 1,000 acid free pages and hundreds of pictures, is now offered to the general public. Included are stories of the pioneers who made the "Run", the 101 Ranch, the oil boom, the Native Americans who live here, the agricultural efforts, as well as much more! Hundreds of pages are devoted to family stories, and there is a section on schools, organizations, and historical landmarks.

This book has already won a
American Association of State and Local History!

Now enjoy some of the interesting sidebars contained in the book.

If you have not already purchased a set, you will want to in the near future. If you already own a set, please consider ... The cost of publishing such a tremendous historical and genealogical resource is great. This fact limits the possibility of future editions. This unique perspective on Oklahoma, United States and human origins may well become a COLLECTORS item.

Who knows? Perhaps your family or someone you know is chronicled in our book. Why not have a look at the Index?
The Index is quite comprehensive, that means BIG, so it may take a minute or two to appear.
Be patient. Its worth it.

This is a must have for Oklahoma history buffs! This marvelous collection of human triumph is made available from...

101 Ranch Old Timers Association, Kaw City Museum, or Email

If you can see this you can probably...

Inquiries concerning obtaining the book should include your Name: Street Address: City: State: Zip code: Phone Number: and the Numbers of Book (sets) you want.

NCOH Index Award Article SideBars Stories Links Display Mail

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