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The Blackwell Sun
June 25, 1903


A Magnificent Exhibition of Indian Progress in Matters of Education
Mrs. Henry Stoddard, Mrs. Frank Stoddard and Miss Lena Porter attended the Chillocco Indian School commencement Friday evening. The ladies were delighted with what they saw and the manner in which they were entertained. About fifty of the pupils participated in the commencement exercises, although there are several hundred students in the school. The exercises were held in a magnificent chapel, brilliantly illuminated with numerous electric lights, which was fitted up in the most modern and approved style. Mrs. Frank Stoddard with whom the newspaper representative talked, said that there must have been 2000 people in attendance. The whole program was rendered in a manner that have done credit to any educational institution in the land. One of the most remarkable features was a reading by Miss Grace Miller, a full blooded Cherokee girl of rare beauty and grace. She was dressed in her native costume which appeared to be of rich material. The recitation was a selection from Longfellow's Hiawatha, and was done with exquisite grace and rare elocutionary ability.
A club swinging act by two Indian men, Forest Tall Bear and Homer Hill, was an excellent piece of work. A cantata entitled, The Fairies of the Seasons, was grand, and a dumb bell drill by fifteen girls was a beautiful exhibition of skill and did credit to both pupils and teacher. Mrs. Stoddard is enthusiastic over the wonderful development made by the sons and daughters of the forest and prairie in so short a time.

Contributed by Loyd Bishop