Pioneer Genealogical Society - Ponca City, Oklahoma



Offered by
Pioneer Genealogical Society
P O Box 1965
Ponca City, Oklahoma 74602

Available Marland Grand Home & Marland Mansion gift shops - Ponca City
All envelopes are 4½” by 91/2” and are in color. All envelopes have 1st day of sale January 11, 2007; with the Ponca City, Oklahoma Centennial Station cancellation on them. All envelopes have the new OKLAHOMA stamp issued January 11, 2007.

There is also a limited supply of the 1993 OKLAHOMA musical .29¢ stamp on some envelopes along with the new stamp which make them look unique together. These are available only as long as supplies last.

Prices are $4 per envelope for one stamp and $6 per envelope for two stamps.
Postage and handling for all mail orders is $2 per order.
More then 4 envelopes mailed together will be $3.
Pictures of Envelopes Below


Pictures are not actual size