Feb. 22, 1841 George Washington Miller was born in Crab Orchard, Kentucky.
Jan. 9, 1866 George W. Miller married Mary Anne (Molly) Carson in Louisville, Ky.
Oct. 18, 1866 Wilkes Booth Miller was born in Kentucky
March 12, 1868 Joseph Carson Miller was born in Crab Orchard, Ky.
April 20, 1870 John Fish Miller was born in Newtonia, Mo.
August 27, 1870 Wilkes Booth Miller died in Missouri, buried in Kentucky
1870 George Miller and family left Kentucky
1871 George Miller established a ranch near Miami, Ok.
March 29, 1872 John Fish Miller died in Newtonia, Mo., buried in Kentucky
June 21, 1875 Alma Miller was born in Newtonia, Mo.
1878 George W. Miller became acquainted with the Ponca Indian Tribe
April 26, 1878 Zachary Taylor Miller was born in Baxter Springs, Ks.
1880 The 101 Ranch Brand came into use.
Sept. 9, 1881 George Lee Miller was born in Winfield, Ks.
1892 George W. Miller leased lands from the Ponca Indians along the Salt Fork River and established the 101 Ranch.
1896 Joe Miller married Lizzie Trosper.
1903 Publication of the 101 Ranch newspaper the “Bliss Breeze”. George W. Miller died April 25, 1903 from pneumonia at age 61 and was buried at Crab Orchard, Ky.
June 11,1905 The 101 hosted the National Editorial Association meeting.
1905-1906 101 Ranch Wild West Show toured Mexico, Canada and the United States.
1906 Zack Miller married Mabel Pettyjohn.
1907 Zack and Mabel Miller's daughter Virginia Miller was born
1908 George L. Miller married May Porter.
Jan. 14, 1909 The Ranch house burned and a new White House was constructed that year
1910 Oil was discovered, the Molly Miller Well
1910 The 101 Ranch Oil Co. was organized.
1912 Zack and Mabel Miller divorced
1912 George and May Miller's daughter Margaret Miller was born
1914 The 101 Ranch show performed in England and all the stock and equipment was commandeer by the British Army.
1916 Buffalo Bill toured with the 101 Ranch Show.
1917 Joe and Lizzie Miller divorced
1917 101 Show closed until after World War I.
1917-1924 The 101 Ranch furnished stock for the U.S. government during World War 1.
July 31, 1918 Molly Miller died and was buried in the Ponca City I.O.O.F. Cemetery
1918 General Store and Office building was built by WWI POW's
1919 Zack Miller married Margurite Blevins.
1920 Zack and Margurite Miller's son Zack Jr. was born
1921 The Miller Brothers 101 Ranch Trust was formed.
1922 Zack and Margurite Miller's son Blevins Miller was born
1922 The 101 hosted the Oklahoma Press Association.
1923 The 101 sponsored the Cherokee Strip Cowpunchers Association. The 101 Magazine was published.
1924 A new 101 Ranch Show was started.
1924 The 101 hosted the National Editorial Association meeting again.
1925 The 101 Ranch Show toured the United States and Europe.
Aug. 21, 1926 Joe Miller married Mary Verlin. 
1926 The 101 hosted the National Realtors meeting.
May, 1927 Joe and May Miller's son Will Brooks Miller was born
1927 The 101 Ranch hosted the American Association of Petroleum Geologist.
Oct 21,1927 Joe Miller died of carbon monoxide poisoning. Buried in the Ponca City I.O.O.F. Cemetery.
April, 1928 101 Ranch Wild West Show went on the road.
Feb 2,1929 George Miller died in a car wreck. Buried in Ponca City I.O.O.F. Cemetery
1929 The 101 Ranch drilled its 13th dry oil well 
1930 Zack Miller took the 101 Ranch Show on the road again.
1932 The government purchased about 8,000 acres of the 101 Ranch for a resettlement project.
1932 The 101 Ranch equipment and livestock was sold off.
July 5, 1936 The 101 Ranch household furnishings were sold off.
1939 The 101 Ranch show closed, completely broke after the New York World's Fair
1940 A move was made to try to preserve the 101 Ranch Whitehouse
1941 The 101 Ranch land was sold to the Federal Farm Security Administration and divided into 34 farms.
1943 The Federal Farm Security Administration sold the remaining 101 Ranch buildings for $500 to a salvage company. The White House and most of the other buildings were razed.
1946 Zack Miller purchased the 101 Ranch Store and continued to operate it
January 3,1952 Zack Miller died in Texas and was buried on “Cowboy Hill”.
1959 and 1961 The Oklahoma State Legislature tried to appropriate funds to purchase and rebuild the 101 Ranch site, but died for lack of funds.
1959 Zack Miller deeded Cowboy Hill to the Oklahoma Historical Society
1972 The 101 Ranch Museum was established at the Ponca City Cultural Center (now Marland's Grand Home)
1974 The 101 Ranch was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.
1975 The 101 Ranch was designated a National Historical Landmark.
Sept. 22, 1987 101 Ranch General Store burned to the ground.
1996 Riprap project was done to keep the Salt Fork River from overtaking the 101 Ranch area lands.
Aug 17, 1996 The 101 Ranch Roadside Picnic Area was opened