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"The Bar L ranch was part of the 101. It was on the Salt Fork river about 10 mile east of Marland. The camp was provided by the generosity of the Miller Bros for the use of any of the oilmen, Marland in particular.

It was an active part of the ranch, it was not isolated even in rugged country, being in touch by telephone with the operation of the main ranch.

There were some permanent buildings but for entertaining by large groups tents from the traveling circus were brought in and set up to provide lodging, food, hunting and recreation and all the facilities of lavish living for the guests."

Joe Miller


March 19, 1898--The east Ponca reservation pasture is known as Bar L pasture and is so called by most people without an idea as to the derivation of the name, which it will probably always bear. It was in 1885 when the wires were strung around the big enclosure and the Maplewood Cattle Co. turned 2500 head of Texas cattle in to graze on the succulent grasses. The cattle were branded with –L hence the name—Bar L. John B. Walker was foreman for the cattle company and handled the cattle until they were ready to ship to the markets.

Submitted by Mollie Stehno