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The 1912 Season opened in Santa Monica California on Saturday March 23. The shows played California cities, Idaho Falls, Idaho, Nevada, 14 towns in Montana and traveled from Washington to British Columbia. Then on to New Westminster, Vancouver down through the Dakotas, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas.

While in Wisconsin in August, a fire erupted on the 101 Ranch Wild West Show train. Five nights later at Leslie southeast of Lancaster where they was headed and northeast of Platteville in Wisconsin the train derailed, demolishing five cars, killing five valuable arena horses, five team horses and injuring 30 more horses. The Lancaster show was cancelled.

The show went to Winfield, Kansas then to Tulsa, Shawnee, Okmulgee, Bartlesville and Nowata, Oklahoma. The show closed on November 16 in Hot Springs, Arkansas having staged 421 show, traveling 17,280 miles through 22 states and three Canadian Provinces.