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1908 Season
On April 14, 1908, the 101 Ranch Wild West Show opened in Ponca City, Oklahoma. Ponca City declared a legal holiday so the citizens of the area could attend the parade, matinee and evening performances. From Ponca City the show went to Guthrie, Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, Winfield, Kansas, Wichita, Kansas and Fort Madison, Iowa for one day stands before arriving in St. Louis, Missouri. The show introduced the introduced the Pat Hennessey massacre by the Cheyenne Indians, employing Indians to re-enact the massacre.

In 1908 the show was a financial loss but a learning experience for the Miller brothers. Factors included 50 days of rain which kept the audiences small and created dangerous arena conditions, causing injuries to horses and riders. This along with the lack of publicity, high water, schedule foul-ups and a train wreck near Dickinson, North Dakota in which  two cowboys were killed and several injured. Tom Mix, Vester Pegg, Oscar Rixson, Charles Tipton, Dan Dix, Julia Allen, George Hoker and George Elser were bronc busters and riders, all injured that season. Typhoid fever struck the show in Winnipeg, Manitoba along with legal problems over the Dickinson, North Dakota train wreck deaths.

In October the show edged the Gulf Coast. Lon Seely from the 101 Ranch Wild West show was shot and killed in Gulfport, Mississippi by a policeman who was also killed. This generated bad publicity for the show.

The show toured 18 states, several Canadian cities, Gulf Coast states and Texas. The tour ended December 3 in Brownsville, Texas. But on December 5, the show went on into Mexico. On this tour, Bill Pickett bulldogged a bull in a Mexican arena. The show concluded on December 26, 1908 and all the show performers returned to the 101 Ranch in Oklahoma.